Direct Mail is Alive and Very Well
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With cluttered inboxes and email platforms that detect promotional mail and pushes it into a folder, it is a good time to revisit direct mail. Smartly designed postcards and postage-friendly brochures may give your marketing efforts just the punch-up you need to retain and acquire new customers.

Start budget-wise
Did you know the US Postal Service is an expert in business mail? Speaking to one of their direct mail specialists can help you determine if mixing it up with direct mail makes sense for you. If your product or service has a broad enough market, check out Every Door Direct Mail Program where USPS will deliver your promotion piece into the mail box in the local (or national) area of your choice for about $178 per thousand. Perfect if you don’t know the recipient’s name and address and have no budget to rent a  mailing list. (Note: Speaking of mailing lists, a targeted list can be a marketer’s dream. There is strategy involved. Call us for advice before you talk to a list broker.)

Digitize your mail piece
Ah, technology. QR codes are not new but including that black and white square in your promotional piece can open up your website page loaded with product information or trigger an email or text to drive home your message. Chips or tags placed on stickers on the mail piece can trigger an advertisement to be delivered instantly to smart phones.

Since video marketing is here to stay, you can even use technology to deliver your video to a recipient—without the internet! Think tiny television screen embedded in the mail piece that launches your digital content right before their eyes. If millennials are your market, a digitized mailer may be just the way to engage with your brand.

From the traditional to tech-enhanced mailers, you can grow your business with a smart marketing mix.