Time Management: Resolve Today to Become More Productive in 2019
Women’s Venture Fund

One of the challenges of entrepreneurship is time management—being highly productive on a daily basis. With a few proven techniques you’ll be able to take back your day and get on with the business of growing your enterprise.

  • Create realistic ‘to-do’ lists—one for operations and a second for marketing and sales. This allows you to monitor your daily (or weekly) accomplishments with a goal of spending less time on non-revenue generating activities and ensuring you get through the tasks and projects you’ve outlined as key growth strategies and tactics.
  • Organize your ‘to-do’ lists from the top down, tackling the most onerous tasks first. When you were working for others, it was okay to ease into your work day with simple tasks first. Trust us, even your boss did it. But now In your new mindset as an entrepreneur, you need to do just the opposite.
  • Take short breaks and know when to call it quits for the day. You’re aware when your energy lags and brain power is dwindling; so work at being fresh and recharged for the greater part of your day.
  • Don’t fall into one of the major pitfalls of women entrepreneurship—the need to know it all and do it all. Hiring part-time skilled contractors may be just the ticket to fill in your knowledge gaps or free you up to ensure achievement of your annual goals.