2017 TakeFLIGHT:
Enterprising Women’s Summit

Thursday, July 13, 2017
9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
Baruch College, New York, NY


How Leaders Make It Happen

Constantly falling short of your revenue goals? Transform yourself into a highly focused, resourceful entrepreneur who doesn’t get in her own way! Learn how habits and an empowering mindset influence others and create opportunities.  Understand how to communicate to connect with investors. Get past the biases that limit women’s growth potential.

Harness the Power of a Lucrative Support System

Successful serial entrepreneurs share their winning tactics to cultivate the relationships you need to fuel your business growth. Learn to identify new influencers and ambassadors as well as tap your current network for ideas–build a team to help you achieve your dream. You’ll walk away with a completely different perspective on relationship building.

TakeFLIGHT Invest-athon: Funding the Dream

Here’s a great opportunity to pitch your business to a panel of investors specifically looking to fund women-owned firms. TakeFLIGHT funders will critique your pitch and provide feedback on your business plan. This opportunity is limited to five entrepreneurs. Pre-register today to be approved.

The Right Moves for Success

Ever feel like your ideas are never fully executed or your goals never met? Stop wasting money and time on the wrong business models! Serial entrepreneurs will share their foolproof strategies and tactics to grow their enterprises. Your path to greater profits all starts with how you execute your vision; see how to build the best blueprint for success.

Delivering the Right Pitch to the Right Audience

Do you know how to craft your pitch to fit the investor? Can you tell your story to generate interest among media outlets? Learn the elements your pitch needs to connect with funders and others. Anticipate investor biases to reach your goals.

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TakeFLIGHT roster of speakers.