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Shalini Vadhera
Founder and CEO,
Power Beauty Living

Shalini Vadhera Shalini Vadhera’s global influence with women and young girls stems from her entrepreneurial passion to build companies and create products for women to empower women. Her journey has laid a groundwork of authenticity that resonates not only with the women she meets, but in every facet of her personal life. Shalini’s rise from jewelry and fashion entrepreneur, celebrity make-up artist, bestselling author of Passport To Beauty to the founder of a $21-million dollar global cosmetics company is nothing short of remarkable. Vadhera has transformed this platform while using her business acumen to create global beauty, lifestyle and business solutions to empower women around the world. She has often appeared on Dr. Oz, The Today Show and The View.

In 2014, Vadhera had a life changing experience on her way to meet a Korean Master in Sedona, Arizona. She was struck by lightning and had a spiritual awakening that inspired her to launch her next global brand. Lacking mentorship for women by women when building her earlier brands, Vadhera was compelled to create an environment for women and girls to bet set up for success in business, beauty and life. She launched Power Beauty Living in September 2014, a social platform for women that shares the knowledge of top female thought leaders and experts from around the world by providing women a community of love, support, and empowerment. Through panels, workshops, products, and events, Power Beauty Living equips women with a toolkit to reach their highest potential while feeling and looking beautiful from the inside out.

Vadhera works in concert with representatives from the United Nations to bring the art of living powerfully and beautifully to emerging women global leaders and entrepreneurs. She is on the Global Advisory Council for Impact Leadership 21, is an Advisor for Women Network and is on the Advisory Board for Select Comfort Mattresses. Vadhera is also the Founder of Passport To Beauty, a brand that curates and creates the world’s best beauty and wellness discoveries from around the world. A celebrity and social media favorite, Vadhera is best known for her innovative formulations and packaging design. Vadhera was named the #1 Person To Watch by The Economic Times of India. She is a winner of the Game Changer Of The Decade Award in Beauty and the coveted Oprah Beauty O-ward. Recently Shalini signed a global content partnership with Zoomin.TV to create and curate women’s empowerment content for the global market.