What Investors Want to Know About You and Your Business
Part One
Women’s Venture Fund – 4/10/2018  

Gearing up for a pitch or attending one to check out the lay of the land? Here are a few tips to help you edge out the competition:

  • Find the investors and/or competitions that are interested in your particular industry sector. As a woman entrepreneur, you’re most likely facing gender bias so gain an edge by seeking out women investors or those investors who are particularly keen on women entrepreneurship.
  • Be active on social media, scoping out where your list of targeted investors hang out. Did you know that social media is one of the major tools investors use to meet entrepreneurs?
  • Hone your elevator pitch to highlight the unique selling point of what you have to offer. Stand out from others who are courting investors by adding your backstory—why you started your business
  • Know your market inside out. Investors appreciate your passion and certainly look for disruptors but these characteristics must be backed up with intelligence about your chosen industry. Consider this: You don’t have to have worked in your chosen industry but you must know enough to position your product and service as a solution to a problem or game-changing addition.

Securing the capital you need to start and grow your dreams is a challenging endeavor but the payoff is a game changer. Stay tuned to learn more. Better:

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