Our clients are passionate about their ventures. Their businesses run the gamut from construction to, cleaning services, retail shops and healthcare services. With the help of WVF, our clients improve their business skills and increase their ability to succeed.

Meet some of our enterprising women business owners and see how WVF help them succeed.

“The Women's Venture Fund provided me with a mentor, they provided me with financial resources; they were a great support.” Jarite Anderson, President & CEO, Cudley's Homecare Service Inc.

Featured Client: Russalette Magbanuga, Director, ProTherapy Rehabilitation

Pinky hails from the Philippines where she worked at the University of Philippines’s General Hospital as Chief Occupational Therapist and Clinical Training Coordinator.

She went on to become a consultant to Rehab Partners in Manila and left that post to come to the U.S. on a work visa securing a post as Pediatric Occupational Therapist at Rehab Resources, Inc. She became a U.S. citizen in 2008 and held positions in hospitals and clinics including Lincoln Hospital Center and NYU Rusk Outpatient Center.

Hazel Adams-Shango, Founder, Advocate of Choice—Being Special NYC

For four years Hazel has been successfully advocating for parents of special needs children in NYC schools through her consultancy firm, Advocate of Choice—Being Special NYC. Her journey to entrepreneurship was fueled by her own experience navigating the system to provide the resources she needed for her three children and their diverse learning challenges who today are highly accomplished college graduates.

Featured Client: Carmen Sanchez, Founder, Universal Frontiers

Back in 2001, knowing how difficult it was for her and other immigrants to stay in touch with their families in Columbia, Carmen purchased phone minutes in bulk and resold portions to her co-workers who couldn’t afford to buy the calling cards on their meager wages. From this humble beginning, she established a thriving calling center business in an area heavily populated by immigrants with a need to communicate with family and friends back home.

Featured Client: Natanya Menna, Co-owner, Blue Star Drivers

Natanyah of Merrick, NY, went from successfully flipping houses (a venture full of risks) to spa ownership to operating a fleet of taxis— an occupation dominated by men, both as owners and drivers. Deborah, her mother and co-owner, was an Uber driver when Natanyah saw the potential of operating a fleet of cars themselves. No other woman was doing this in her area so she realized it as a great opportunity to do something unique. She noted that whenever you visit a dealership, insurance broker or any establishment associated with cars and transport, the office is dominated by men.
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