Alessia Falsarone, SASB FSA

Managing Director | PineBridge Investments

Her tips include, “Think of your competitor’s today, as your long-term partners of tomorrow.”

Margery Kraus

Founder and Executive Chairman
APCO Worldwide

Her tips include, “Never underestimate the power of being underestimated!”

Melissa Person-Ashforth

Co-founder and CEO
Melissa International

Her tips include, establishing your value and a long term relationship.

Dawn Fay
District President
Robert Half International

Dawn’s 5 Tips includes Mentors and Technology.

Julie B. Kampf
Founder, CEO and Chief Possibilities Officer
JBK Associates International

Julie’s 5 Tips includes never give up.

Angela Dea Moskow
VP, Chronic Disease Prevention & Wellness
Sanofi, US
Angela’s 5 Tips includes Perseverance and Passion.

Audrey Siegel
Managing Partner

Audrey’s 5 Tips includes follow your passion and go beyond your comfort zone.

Sharon Callahan
LLNS, an Omnicom Group Company
Sharon’s 5 Tips for entrepreneurs include creating the best team around you.

Maureen O’Connor-Cretella
Center Sheet Metal, Inc.
Maureen creatively uses the acronym WOMAN
to share her 5 Tips, such as M for Mentor – have a Mentor and be a Mentor.

Lori Epstein
Vice President, Advanced Markets, Financial Planning and Special Needs Planning
MetLife Premier Client Group
Lori stresses the importance of planning ahead in her 5 Tips.

Eileen O’Donnell
Director, Health Advisory M&A Practice,
Eileen discusses the need to take risks when launching a business.

Nora Plesent
Founder and Managing Partner,
Lexolution, LLC
Nora also uses a clever acronym for her 5 Tips – SMART. “S” is for select your partners wisely.