takeflight bird TakeFLIGHT: Enterprising Women’s Summit


Last month, WVF held its annual summit for women entrepreneurs. It was a resounding success and drew raves from attendees who praised its speaker diversity, timely agenda and even the venue which was the historic General Society Library on West 44th Street in Manhattan.

The atmosphere was thick with excitement and entrepreneurial love as attendees and enthusiastic speakers engaged during and between sessions, at lunch and at the evening reception.


Jo-Ann Barret, Aromas Bakery
Developing Your Online Business session—

“Incredibly beneficial. I can take immediate action based on what I learned today.”


Denisha Choice, Black Diamond Getaways
Marketing Leadership Skills session—

“I gained insight on marketing and will implement what I was taught today. It actually inspired me to have new thoughts to put into action.”

 Jessica Walsh, Rx Bandz LLC
Growth in the Service Sector session—
“I was so very inspired and engaged by the speaker.”

Shannon Wilkinson, Reputation Communications
Grit To Great session—
“Very inspiring and motivating. The next time I feel I have failed in any aspect of growing my firm, I will recall the speaker’s

[Linda Thaler Kaplan’s] examples of going from grit to great.”

“It was phenomenal! I enjoyed the Summit immensely and found it to be a catalyst for women going into business.  The presenters were awesome. I had so many takeaways! As emphasized by a few speakers, I identified my weaknesses and have already reached out to experts to fill my knowledge gaps.

Since June 11th, I have hired an attorney and a website designer who can have me online in time for a soft launch in August.  The speakers were right—don’t waste time trying to become an expert in areas foreign to your experience or passion. It doesn’t work. I emerged from the Summit no longer fearful as an entrepreneur but motivated and full of energy to roll up my sleeves and live my dream.

Thank you WVF. I look forward to attending your workshops in the fall and working with you to grow my business.”
Sharon Telfair, Compliance International


Honestly, I didn’t have high expectations. Boy was I wrong!! Not only was the Summit inspirational, but it was a great learning experience. The speakers shared their experiences as entrepreneurs and gave us good advice on personal branding and running our businesses. Shalina Vadhera didn’t sugar coat her success story. She had obstacles in making people believe in her passion—that one way women can feel empowered is by having a sense of fashion style.

Angela O’Byrne told her story about securing her space in the male-dominated construction industry while balancing her role as a single mother. She stressed the importance of building relationships and taking sound, calculated risks.

I liked the diversity of the speakers. I especially zoned in on the session on building a successful online business led by Jeff Hoffman [co-founder of Priceline]. His advice on not waiting until you have every single facet of the business figured out 100% was enlightening. Again, take a calculated risk. His message really resonated with me.
Catherine Jackson, My Fave Places