Content Writing for Small Business Owners
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Trying to decide if content marketing is for you? Even if you’ve found a niche, created a truly innovative product or offer a unique service in your area, you need to get on board with providing valuable content for your customers and website visitors. Not only can it position you as an expert in your field, increase your brand awareness, it can help you develop a relationship with prospects and move prospects through the sales funnel.  

Gone are the days of ‘always be selling’ and in with world of content marketing. It can stamp you as a professional, enabling you to attract new customers and retain your current sales base.  

First, determine your target audience; there are likely to be more than one. Tailoring content to a particular audience is key to success in marketing. An article on the benefits of using sunscreen and potential hazards of frowning and squinting the eyes in your 20’s will hardly relate to your fifty-plus clients looking for solutions to under the eye wrinkles they already have. Create messages that resonate with different  

Then get organized by creating a content calendar so you’re not scrabbling for topics at the last minute. Are you utilizing Google alerts to keep abreast of what’s trending in your industry or news announcement that may be of interest to your potential readers?  

Now decide how often you should post to social media…distribute your newsletter… or post to your blog. Here’s a guide we like:  

Writing Tips 

If writing is not your strong suit…or you’re just too busy to commit to content marketing, then outsource it. There are so many freelancers out there you’re sure to find one to meet your tight budget.  

If you tackle content writing yourself, remember to.. 

  • Grab attention with a catchy headline. Like a subject line in a promotional email, you only have seconds to move them through your message. 
  • Utilize questions or interesting facts in your headline. 
  • Less is really more when it comes to the length of your post.  
  • Increase eye appeal of your content with an image. Adding graphics is especially useful if your topic is dry or inherently complex.  
  • Add video which remains a popular medium for today’s audiences 

Is all this sounding much too daunting a task for you?  The outsourcing your social media marketing and content marketing is wise. Don’t lose sight of the importance of being professional in your interactions with customers and prospects which includes what you present and how you present your brand online.  

Analyze your results to make sure your content marketing is worthwhile. Checking website analytics will show you if you’ve increased traffic to your website…which topics draw the most readership…and if you’ve gauged frequency correctly. Tweak or redirect efforts according to stats and you’re on your way to socially engaging your audience, increasing brand awareness and/or boosting revenue for your enterprise.