Agile Leadership for Today’s Entrepreneur
Women’s Venture Fund

What great advantage do small business owners have over leaders of large corporations? The ability to be agile—including adapting to changing conditions in the market place and highly responsive customers.  Agile leaders have a mindset that is not entrenched in corporate bureaucracy, tradition and complexity. As an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to be flexible regarding team dynamics, product innovation and communicating directly and effectively with customers. WVF believes agility can be learned and when properly and consistently exercised can take your business from good to great.  
Here are six key skills to transform yourself into a successful agile business leader: 

  • Stay abreast of trends and news in your industry: Find new opportunities; test marketing tactics; and improve processes that are stagnating business growth. You can learn to pivot to meet challenges—agility at its best.  
  • Become self-aware to know your strengths and weaknesses: Find expert help to fill in your knowledge gaps.  
  • Develop emotional intelligence including empathy to successfully collaborate with others to achieve your business goals. 
  • Lead your team with empathy and a commitment to their success: Develop the communication skills to keep team members engaged with your business goals. Be open to feedback and ideas while also providing constructive criticism of performance. Provide opportunities for continued educating including conference attendance, membership in relevant trade associations and affordable online courses.  
  • Learn to be a decision maker: Leaders are analytical as well as emotionally intelligent. Become an information harvester as well as the master of your emotions to enable good, quick decision-making.  
  • Always be learning: Be a life-long student, especially keeping up with technology as it applies to your business. Here is one way to explore new ways of thinking and building on your creativity: In addition to networking within your industry, engage with successful people outside your industry. Find these entrepreneurs and pick their brains on business processes, finding talent and new resources.     

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