Why Some Of Your Behaviors Are Blocking
Your Personal and Professional Success

When: Thursday, April 30, 2015
Time: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Investment: $39.99 until April 15th $48.00 thereafter


Do you have the same relationship issues with: colleagues, employees, family or lovers?
Do things seem to be headed in a great direction but then fall to the way side?
When something is too good to be true, do you pull out or back away?
Do you start things only to cop out or stop half way through?
Did you start or have a business but are not getting results?
Do you self sabotage?

If this sounds familiar, then most likely you are caught up in a negative cycle. A Cycle is a pattern/behavior we either create or buy into usually stemming from our upbringing or surroundings. Cycles often times limit success in at least one area of life but more often than not, they leak into our life as a whole.


Women’s Venture Fund and GVM Communications are partnering to create a series of Well-Being Workshops; informational workshops are intended to support women and women entrepreneurs in their day-to-day lives. And are thrilled to present the first of these events…

Gemma DellerGemma Deller
Intuitive Career & Life Advisement Specialist,
Gemma Inspires

Gemma Deller, Intuitive Career & Life Advisement Specialist, of Gemma Inspires, is an expert in changing paradigms and old tapes and taking clients to the next level of their lives. (Check out her FREeBook on her website www.gemmainspires.com.) She is not your typical speaker. She is straight forward, real, down to earth, funny and she loves results. Breaking Cycles will be an interactive, exercise driven course that you don’t want to miss. Don’t expect to just sit and listen. Expect to make changes!

“You have to be the change!” – Ghandi

Here is a glimpse of how the night will go… First time doing a workshop? No worries! THIS IS A JUDGEMENT FREE ZONE!!! Attitudes and egos not welcome. This event is for fierce people looking to become a better version of themselves. Most cycles are common amongs us so you aren’t alone. This is a great opportunity to work within a group and bounce things off of other non-judgemental, open-minded people who want to improve and break their own cycles. What do you need to bring?

Just your fabulous self, an open mind and a desire to better your life.

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