You are almost done! This is the 3rd step of the registration process  – submitting your documents for 2018 WVF Invest-athon.

Please email with the following information:

  • Subject of Email – 2018 WVF Invest-athon
  • Business Name
  • Business Owner Name

Please attach the following documents as PDF documents where possible:

  • Financial Statements (REQUIRED)
  • Marketing Plan (OPTIONAL)
  • Strategic Plan (OPTIONAL)
  • Prospectus (OPTIONAL)
  • Video (OPTIONAL) – no more than 3 minutes in length

The Invest-athon Team will review your complete submission and contact you if they have any questions. Upon completion of the review process, the Invest-athon Team will notify you of your admission to 2018 WVF Invest-athon with the next steps in the process to prepare you for Invest-athon on
May 15th.

Please use the above email for any questions you have during the submission process.

Please note that all submissions will be held with confidence and shared only with potential investor who will be participating in 2018 WVF Invest-athon. When submitting a video, you are giving Women’s Venture Fund permission to use the video in promotional activities.