Women’s Venture Fund

Saturday, November 11th is Veteran’s Day and WVF hopes you go the extra mile to show your appreciation of our service men and women—and the families who share the impact of their military service. Whether you are offering products or services there are numerous ways to celebrate are deserving veterans:

#1: Discounts are a no-brainer but consider extending the expiration date through the holiday season. Are you running a consultative business, professional or counseling service? Offer a free or discounted session to vets and their families.            

#2: Partner with a community organization to sponsor a brunch or lunch to celebrate the veterans in your neighborhood; or organize your own! Your ‘bash’ date can be anytime this month—a time of thanksgiving.

#3: Military-inspired T-shirts and canvas bags incorporating your company logo would make an excellent promotional item: Distribute to your best customers and show your support of veterans at the same time.

#4: Give back to veterans by making a donation to a local veteran organization—and making it easy for your customers to do the same.

#5: Celebrating on a shoestring? Order a banner or balloons and display prominently in your storefront; and add a thank you banner to your website.