Retargeting for Small Businesses
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If you want your business to be top of mind, you might dive into retargeting. People are on their phones and computers for hours on end so why not serve them with your ads? If you are already into google adwords or Facebook ads, take this bold next step. Even if your website doesn’t have a ton of visitors, there’s a marketing opportunity for you.

Site retargeting tracks your web visitors as they travel the internet, reminding them of what they viewed at your site to entice them to come back and do business with you. You’ve likely seen this technology at work yourself: You visited a site and when you move on to another, you start seeing ads for the items you just viewed. That’s site retargeting.

Then there is search retargeting which enables you to show your ads based on the searches people are doing on Google, Yahoo or Bing. You can snag potential customers without them having visited your website at all! Search engines capture users’ interests (and even location) and serve up relevant ads usually loaded with special offers and other enticements. Check out this article to get an idea of ad servers available.

Then there’s email retargeting where providers track who is opening your emails and engaging in your content and go back to them with more promotional messages. The beauty of this tactic is 100% delivery rates, the opportunity to build a relationship by delivering relevant content, and the affordability of this type of retargeting. Providers like Vertical Response, MailChimp and Constant Contact have monthly plans from $80-$125 for 25,000 email credits (on average.) Discounts and special offers abound for small business owners; and yearly plans are real savers. There are also Pay-As-You-Go plans.

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