August 27, 2013


Gail Khan, designer and manufacturer, started planning her newest fashion business, Comfort Club Apparel, in 2011 after having formerly launched a successful line that catered to both mature and full-figured women looking for leisure clothing. In her first venture, she garnered industry praise for her designs in the Plus Size category. Gail’s new line focuses on today’s super busy women who, due to commitments to their careers, family and friends, need to move easily through their day in comfortable, fashionable and fuss-free clothing. A brilliant idea but how to design outfits for these women that would be both attractive and affordable was the challenge. She found materials popular in Europe that fit the bill and with her keen sense of textiles, form and function, designed a fine line of functional, breathable and mixable separates in both earthy and vibrant colors.

Working one-on-one with a WVF advisor, Gail developed an action plan and gained a better understanding of the level of funding required to successfully launch her fashion line. There was also much discussion on the timing of the debut of the line, with her advisor strongly suggesting a delayed launch that would give her a stronger start. After crunching the numbers with her, it became clear to her that a different launch scenario would be more profitable. She is now focused on preparing for her launch date.

“We lead such hectic and busy lives; I want to offer women a relaxed collection of clothing to comfort and sooth whatever her endeavor.” —Gail Khan