Project ManagementWomen’s Venture Fund

Reaching and surpassing business goals is the measure of efficiently-run and profitable businesses. What stumps many owners is how to execute on their strategic and carefully conceived goals. The successful entrepreneur swears by project management—even at its most basic level. You, too, can benefit from the powerful tools and processes of this globally-recognized discipline.

What identifies a project? An endeavor undertaken to create a product, service or other business result such as:

  • Delivering on a contract where you have to manage expectations, adhere to an agreed upon schedule or budget.
  • Executing a marketing program on a shoestring budget
  • Relocating the office which entails many, moving parts
  • Launching your new product to meet a distributor’s instore promotion
  • Hiring your first employees requiring written job descriptions, standard operating procedures, documentation of benefits, schedules and wages, etc.

As an accidental project manager, you don’t need the rigidity of formal training nor are you committing to become a certified Project Management Professional.  You just want the basics to get you to your short-term goals on schedule, without cost overruns and with added value for your customers.

The renowned Project Management Institute has partnered with Women’s Venture Fund to bring you just that—a simplified version of this proven methodology, SKINNY PROJECT MANAGEMENT FOR ENTREPRENEURS™. You’ll learn how this powerful discipline can be agile and flexible enough to use immediately to improve your business outcomes and increase customer satisfaction, keeping them coming back for more.