Select this item if you are only attending the Summit on June 11th for $99.00. Offer expires April 30th.

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TakeFLIGHT 2016 Summit for Enterprising Women Entrepreneurs $99.00
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Bring a friend for only $49.50 [wp_cart_button name=”Bring a frind for only 49.50_cpb:” price=”49.50″]


TakeFLIGHT 2016 Workshops…Save on the Summit with workshop attendance.

Offer ends April 30th. 

BUSINESS PLANNING SERIES:  The price is only $25.00 whether you are attending one workshop or both workshops remaining in the series.  This allows you to attend TakeFLIGHT 2016 at a super discounted price of $74.00.

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Business Planning Series $25.00:
Financial Planning for Your Business    April 28th  6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
The Final Components of Your Business Plan  May 19th  6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
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TakeFLIGHT 2016 Summit…. $74.00 with your workshop attendance: [wp_cart_button name=”TakeFlight 2016 Summit… $ 74 (with workshop)_cpb:” price=”74.00″]


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Sustaining Revenue Through Business Development: The Project Management Approach   May 3rd  $35.00  [wp_cart_button name=”Sustaining Revenue Through Business Development_cpb:” price=”35.00″]
Improving Your Sales Cycle: The Project Management Approach    May 24th    $35.00 [wp_cart_button name=”Improving Your Sales Cycle_cpb:” price=”35.00″]
TakeFLIGHT 2016 Summit…$64.00 with attendance at one workshop. [wp_cart_button name=”TakeFLIGHT 2016 Summit…$64.00 with attendance at one workshop_cpb:” price=”64.00″]
TakeFLIGHT 2016 Summit…$29.00 with attendance at two workshops.  [wp_cart_button name=” TakeFLIGHT 2016 Summit…$29.00 with attendance at two workshops_cpb:” price=”29.00″]