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We provide 4-week training on the key digital marketing concepts and tactics to ensure your business growth. Over four weeks of virtual workshops, you will learn the latest trends, coupled with new options and features:

  • At each session, participants receive a short toolkit to develop an actionable digital marketing plan.

  • All attendees receive an invitation to a one-on-one consultation.

We are offering a Summer Series in July – August 2021. Register for all four sessions today with one form. Or: Select your sessions of interest; then register individually for each. Our Fall Series starts in October – November 2021.


Session 1: The Five Customer Behaviors You Need to Know

Whether you’re B2B or B2C, the rise of customer networks has given much more power, independence, and influence to consumers. Therefore, small business owners need to change the way they think about customers’ buying behaviors. We will navigate;

  • Five customer behaviors resulting from the digital era and how to build marketing strategies to address those behaviors.

You will receive a self-assessment toolkit for evaluating your marketing strategies. This toolkit can become the basis of your one-on-one consultation


Session 2: Components of Your Messaging Strategy

We will focus on building and sustaining a long-term messaging system that heightens brand awareness and resonates with your customer base. Learn the following;

  • What kinds of communications will inspire loyalty, advocacy, and word-of-mouth in a world of customer networks?
  • What tools and solutions can you use to create a more effective messaging strategy in this session?

We will provide a toolkit to help you develop the messaging strategy for your business.


Session 3: Selecting Your Key Channels  

Selecting only the channels critical to your business avoids audience fatigue across all channels. Learn the following;

  • The importance of planning and scheduling your content and share tools to make the task easier.
  • How to track and measure response—and how to put important insights to work for your business.
  • How to find the one that works the best for you?
  • Where do you have to be to reach potential leads and avoid annoying customers with a bombardment of messages?

Be ready to speak about your firm; we will use your input to showcase which channel(s) make the best sense for which type of business.


Session 4: Basics of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Good SEO practice is a must to attract more visitors to your website. An expert facilitator will break down the principles of SEO. Learn the following;

  • How Google Search Engines work.
  • Learn how to improve your website’s search ranking using simple SEO tools to create new, highly targeted, and competitive keywords.
  • Build a basic, DIY SEO plan that will also enable you to collaborate with your web developer to put more sophisticated tactics to work for you.


Where does this go?


Schedule a one-on-one consulting: Time to implement your digital marketing action plan

With your toolkits and session work, you are ready to develop a draft of your digital marketing plan. Then, bring your draft to the 30-minute virtual consultation with WVF marketing staff or advisor to finalize your plan with helpful feedback and next steps.

In the past, our clients have greatly benefitted from 1:1 consultations as they pivot their online business strategies in this challenging economy.