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Workshops are led by certified Project Management Professionals (PMPs), members of the Project Management Institute—NYC Chapter.  Adopting a project management mindset ensures you deliver value to your customers—the be-all and end-all of entrepreneurship.


“I constantly project manage in my business and do it well but this class helped me take it to the next level.—Petra Lewis, Bookstar Business Ghostwriting & Development


Agile ProjectAgile Project Management for Small Business Owners

Whether you are launching a new product or service; building infrastructure; or planning a marketing campaign, you can definitely benefit from basic project management. Let certified project managers
with a passion for entrepreneurship show you a simplified approach to planning and breaking down your projects into chunks of work that makes execution manageable and virtually flawless.

With an agile approach to project management you will save time, stay on budget and successfully deliver projects and services to your clients. In this introductory class, you’ll learn…

  • The why of project management—setting goals, determining specs, building a budget and allocating resources.
  • The basics of a project plan.
  • The importance of determining and managing stakeholder expectations (your customers, your vendors).
  • An overview of simple project management tools.

Come out to adopt a project management state-of-mind that can ensure you more successes in your
short- and long-term business goals.

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Anna ThomasAnna Thomas, Director of Service, Community and Academic Outreach, Project Management Institute-NYC Chapter

Ana works with non-profits and government agencies to promote the benefits of Project Management in their operations and processes. She is a dynamic technology leader with over 20 years of global experience in managing large and small teams. Anna is skilled in grasping the big picture, conceptualizing, developing and implementing solutions and partnering closely with business owners and executives. She performs in a fast-paced environment and proposes a realistic project schedule by identifying critical paths, risks and challenges.

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